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The 'Best Meal' Gordon Ramsay Says He Ever Made Was For Princess Diana
By Chris Day
In the 1990s, before "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares," Gordon Ramsay was working as the head chef of his Michelin-star restaurant Aubergine in the Chelsea district of London. During that time, he had the honor of cooking lunch for Princess Diana, a meal he called the best he ever made.
Sometime in the 1990s, Princess Diana had lunch at Aubergine, and while he may not remember the exact date, Gordon Ramsay remembers very well what happened that day. Ramsay served the People's Princess a vegetarian starter called pressed leek terrine — which most often combines leeks with goat cheese — and for her main meal, sea bass.
According to Darren McGrady, the personal chef Princess Diana employed at Kensington Palace during the last part of her life, the princess enjoyed simple and healthy meals. Ramsay described the princess as gracious and beautiful, comparing her loveliness to the Greek Islands where his show, "Gordon, Gino & Fred," was being filmed.