Vector realistic illustration of red wine bottles on a white background.
The Best Kind Of Screw Top Wine That Won't Sacrifice Flavor
By Chase Shustack
As a cork usually represents a pricier, better wine, people tend to skip over screw-top wines, believing that they signify a cheap bottle of wine, but this is not always true. The screw top is an aluminum cap screwed onto the wine bottle by etched grooves in the bottleneck, which you can think of as the "bottle cap" for your wine.
While a cork's porous surface allows air to enter in controlled amounts, a screw top ensures no oxygen can get in, and, thus, there is no change in the flavor of the wine. Screw tops are perfect for wines that aren't meant to age and should be opened early because they allow no oxygen to get in, preserving the taste and flavor.
The trick is to find bottles of wine, either red or white, best suited for a screw top — usually those that are meant to be opened early rather than aged on a shelf. Not only are screw tops easier to put on, but they also are more environmentally sustainable and guarantee fresh wine, while some corks may be cheap, low-quality, and susceptible to rotting over time.