WASHINGTON, DC -  Slow-Cooked Brisket With Red Wine and Mustard photographed in Washington, DC. (Photo by Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post via Getty Images).
The Best Kind Of Knife For Cutting Brisket
By Julia Mullaney
In the barbecue world, brisket is one of the most sought-after cuts of meat, and it’s also somewhat pricey, though it's not as expensive as other parts of the cow. Considering this, when cooking brisket at home, you'll want the right kind of knife.
A carving or slicing knife is necessary to ensure the perfect cut, as these knives with a sharp, scalloped edge will help cut through thicker meat. Properly slicing brisket makes a significant difference in its tenderness and flavor, as cutting against the grain allows for an easier-to-chew piece of meat because the fibers in the brisket have been broken.
In addition to scalloped knives, which have narrower ends, carving knives will also work, and a trimming knife can assist in trimming some of the fat before cooking. However, if you choose to cook brisket, that proper knife is most important, and slicing remains the same — cut against the grain, with slices about 3/8-inch thick, while flat slices should be around the 1/4-inch mark.