Traditional Italian Osso Buco, Ossobuco italian dish with beef shank, with gremolata and vegetable
The Best Flavor Additions To Amp Up A Classic Gremolata Sauce
By Carly Weaver
Gremolata, a classic Italian condiment that's typically made up of fresh parsley, garlic, and lemon zest, gives an extra zing to meat, fish, or roasted veggies. Delicious as it is, this freshly made condiment can be further enhanced by simply adding just one more ingredient to the mix.
When pairing with meat, try some herbs, like mint for lamb or rosemary for pork, and if you're using the garnish to add some dimension to an otherwise bland or one-flavored dish, try including chili flakes, crushed red pepper, or even jalapeño. You can also use shallots in addition to the garlic, or even fry them for extra crunch.
For added brine that goes great with white fish, throw in some chopped-up capers, and for extra texture and a hint of toasty, nutty flavor, add crushed walnuts or pine nuts, making for a heartier pesto-like gremolata that would taste delicious on pasta or polenta. For something more unique, you can use carrot tops for added greens or even a bold flavor addition like horseradish.