A waitress giving a menu to a customer, who is dining at a restaurant in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
The Best Days To Go To A Restaurant If You Want To Be A ‘Regular’ There
By Lauren Farkas
Going out to eat is a treat, but if you go to the same place often, you can start to be considered a regular by the staff. Being considered a regular might come with perks like having your glass filled (often without it showing on the bill) or getting food on the house, so if you want to reach that status at a restaurant, here are a few tips.
Restaurateur Christopher Fehlinger said, “it’s much easier to be recognized as a regular on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.” Typically, there are some busier times than others for a restaurant, so a server will be more likely to remember a customer who visits on a day when the restaurant is less crowded than on a day when there are a lot of people.
Visiting a restaurant frequently, especially during the quieter time, shows the staff that you’re loyal and will help you gain that ‘regular’ badge. You want the restaurant staff to remember you for being kind and patient, and workers will be much more inclined to offer special treats to a customer who shows respect.