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The Best Day Of The Week To Find 1-Cent Snack Deals At Dollar General
By Angel Albring
While Dollar General already offers plenty of discounts and coupons to help shoppers save money, there is a way to get some snacks for just a penny.
Dollar General now has an app that can save shoppers a lot of money, either by displaying sales that aren’t yet advertised or by pointing out items on the penny clearance list.
When items are removed but not yet thrown away by employees, they’ll sometimes show up in the app priced at only a penny, a price that cashiers will likely honor at checkout.
These penny markdowns usually occur on Tuesdays throughout store hours, so this is the day to use your app to scan for any one-cent sales.
Employees try to remove these items from shelves before you find them, so in order to score some great after-school snacks for only a penny, you’ll have to act fast.