Anthony Bourdain smiling.
The Best Day Of The Week To Eat Out, According To Anthony Bourdain
By Alexis Montoya
While working as a chef in kitchens across New York City, the late food writer Anthony Bourdain rose to fame with his honest depictions of life in food service. In his most notable article, "Don't Eat Before Reading This," Bourdain shared a tip on the best day to eat out to ensure you get the best restaurant experience.
Per Bourdain, "weekends are considered amateur nights," so "chefs prefer to cook for weekday customers." It may be obvious that a restaurant's weekend crowds can alter the dining experience, but Bourdain says the ideal day to dine out relies more on when fresh ingredients arrive and what days chefs have off.
Bourdain suggests eating out on Tuesdays, as "the good stuff comes in on Tuesday: the seafood is fresh, the supply of prepared food is new, and the chef, presumably, is relaxed after his day off. (Most chefs don't work on Monday.)." Weekdays are slower, so restaurants entice diners with menu specials and happy hours, making it a cost-effective time to dine out.