An elegant cheese fondue setting.
The Best Cocktails For Cheese Fondue Parties Are Stiff Ones
By Christine Barba
While restaurants like The Melting Pot have popularized fondue for the masses, it was actually Swiss nationals who moved to the U.S. that introduced this cheese concoction to Americans. Today, fondue parties are a great excuse to have a cheese fest, and the key ingredient to hosting a successful fondue party is a complimentary stiff drink.
Both the French and Swiss suggest pairing white wine, tea, or kirsch (a clear brandy) with fondue, as other selections will not mix well with the cheese that is going to sit in your stomach. However, Food52 recommends that stiff cocktails, including Manhattans or Martinis, also go particularly well with the meal, mainly because a cheese fondue soiree calls for a classy evening.
You can also experiment with stiff cocktails like a dark and stormy, an old-fashioned, or a hanky panky, as stiff drinks also go well with chocolate and crab fondue recipes. You may want to think up some cocktails that will leave guests feeling satisfied rather than overly stuffed and that go with your event's theme, whether it be a traditional Swiss gathering or a cocktail party.