Male hand pouring maple syrup from ceramic jug on stockpile of french toasts with fresh strawberries on plate and pink cloth napkin over white table. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The Best Bread For Making French Toast
By Crystal Antonace
When it comes to making French toast, you can either use what you have or choose the bread that's best suited to your liking. Food Network says that no matter which type you prefer, you should always opt for stale bread, as older bread can thoroughly soak up the liquid components.
If a classic French toast is all you're after, simple stale white bread with a thin, soft crust is the most recommended. For a richer texture, you could also use homemade or store-bought challah bread to create a decadent, almost cake-like French toast.
If you want a sturdier bread variety, Food Network suggests choosing fresh sourdough, as it has a stronger makeup overall. However, whether you choose a simple white bread or freshly baked sourdough, picking the proper bread for the occasion isn't the only factor to consider when making this egg-battered delight.