Homemade vegan gnocchi with sweet potato and spring green, coconut cream
The Best Approach To Elevate Frozen Gnocchi To Restaurant Status
By Lauren Wood
Just one of the many national treasures of Italy, gnocchi can be incorporated into various meals, like soup and pasta, or eaten as a stand-alone snack. Since rolling your own gnocchi can be time-consuming, frozen gnocchi makes a convenient choice, which you can elevate to restaurant status with this simple technique.
The best way to make frozen gnocchi of any kind is to pan-fry it in butter, whose high fat concentration can perfectly brown your food and infuse it with a rich, nutty flavor. However, it is important to note that butter has a low smoke point, which means it can burn when on too high of heat, but you can mix it with olive or grapeseed oil to raise its smoking point.
Fresh or frozen, gnocchi is extremely versatile, and it’s easy to jazz up with other ingredients such as creamy sauce, veggies, protein, or garlic and parmesan. If you make homemade gnocchi, you’ll have to boil it first, but it can still benefit even further from a good ol' pan-fried butter bath afterwards.