Wooden cutting board on black background
The Baking Soda Trick To Revive Your Cutting Board
By Crystal Antonace
Naturally sourced wooden cutting boards hold up well to extended everyday use, and can potentially last for over a decade. However, they can take on a dull sheen over the years if not properly cared for, but surprisingly, baking soda may be the solution you need to bring your old wooden board back to life.
To rejuvenate your wooden cutting board, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda onto it, squeeze lemon juice on top of it, scrub the board with lemon halves, and rinse it with water. While this method will help deodorize your cutting board and have it looking shiny and brand new, it won’t necessarily clean it.
Vinegar works to both remove unwanted bacteria and unpleasant odors from a cutting board, so it might be wise to use it after fixing up your board with baking soda. When washing a wooden cutting board, choose a mild soap and wash both sides of the board, then set the wood upright to dry so water can safely drip down the surface.