Grilled corn with spices and herbs on white background
The Baking Pan Hack That Makes Cutting Corn Off The Cob Way Easier
By Sarah Richter
As everybody who loves corn on the cob knows, when cut off, the kernels tend to shoot off the cob, going everywhere except the plate on which your cob is standing. Even if you use a large bowl with high sides to catch the kernels, it could be hard to slide the knife far enough down the cob to get all the kernels, but luckily, there's a fix.
Taste of Home suggests taking a fluted tube pan — the same one you use to make angel food cakes or jello molds — and putting the tapered or smaller end of the cob in the pan's hole. Do it at an angle, securing the cob in the pan, and push it down against the edge to make the kernels fly off and neatly collect in the pan.
This hack doesn't use a knife or create a mess, as it just needs some smartly exerted force and a little bit of gravity to do the job. Those who are very young and learning how to eat or don't have all their teeth might have a rough time separating the kernels from the cob, so with this hack, you can easily remove corn without the effort.