Bacon and avocado
The 'Bacon' Avocado Has A Unique Taste Profile
By Chase Shustack
Sadly for hopeful flavor fans, the bacon avocado doesn't actually deliver on the promise its name suggests, but it is unique in the fact that it boasts a complex flavor profile. According to Daily Harvest Express, it gets its somewhat misleading name from its original grower, a California man named James Bacon, who first grew it in 1954.
While the avocado lacks a bacon taste, it is known to have a nutty, light, and fruity flavor, and a low fat content. Minneopa Orchards describes the bacon avocado as having a very subtle — if not somewhat sweet — flavor, but some have even characterized it as comparatively bland when put up against other avocado varieties.
According to SF Gate, bacon avocados are known for ripening between November and March, and as FruitStand notes, the Southern California region is the biggest producer. You don't have to live in the Golden State to procure a bacon avocado, though, as they can be ordered from producers like Four Winds Growers or Frog Hollow Farm.