Hand holding an avocado
The Avocado Slicing Trick You Absolutely, Immediately Need To Know
By Crystal Antonace
Avocados are nutritious and versatile, making them the perfect accompaniment to breakfast dishes, salads, or sandwiches. No matter what way you like to use your avocados, there is one slicing method you might want to try next time you’re cutting into one — it may just change the way you cut avocados forever.
To cut an avocado the easy way, start by simply slicing it in half along the large inner pit, then remove the pit by inserting the edge of your knife and twisting it out. While holding the avocado in your hand like a cup, start making slices directly in the skin, and once you’ve sliced all the way through, scoop those mess-free slices out with a spoon.
Since avocados have a neutral taste and pose several health benefits, you may want to keep a few extra in your kitchen, but knowing how to store and maintain these lush green fruits properly is essential. Once sliced, avocados brown fast, so if needed, you can keep them in an airtight container or add a little citrus juice to the skin’s surface to prevent oxidation.