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The Astonishing Record For Most Ice Cream Eaten In A Minute
By Nick Johnson
With its rich taste and creamy texture, ice cream has a way of pulling us into eating far more than we were ever planning on. However, Australian competitive eater Isaac Harding-Davis took this ice cream craze to a new level by setting the latest world record for the most ice cream eaten within a single minute.
On National Ice Cream day in 2017, Harding-Davis wolfed down a 1-pound, 12-ounce (or 806-gram) serving of Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream during his appearance on the Sydney-based program "Channel Nine Today." This quantity equates to around two pints in just 60 seconds, all while braving a brain freeze.
Ice cream isn't the only food that Harding-Davis uses to claim his stake as a master eater. In 2014, he set a record at a hot dog joint for eating a two-foot-long wiener in the fastest time, and several years later, he posted a video on his YouTube channel where he scarfed down 100 chicken nuggets in a record-breaking four minutes and 44 seconds.