Two pineapples next to each other
The Antigua Black Pineapple Is Stated To Be The Sweetest In The World
By Arianna Endicott
The Antigua Black pineapple is not only soft, juicy, and low in acidity, but it's also said to be the sweetest pineapple in the world.
Antigua Black pineapples are slightly slimmer than other varieties and are cylindrical. It also doesn't have a tough inner core, making its entire inside edible.
Despite its name, the tropical fruit isn't actually dark in color. As it ripens, its outer skin remains green, and once picked, it changes to the traditional yellow color.
Its sweet flavor may be thanks to the soil on the south side of Antigua, where a majority of the fruit is grown, as well as the location's constant sunshine and moderate rainfall.
The Antigua Black variety belongs to the queen pineapple group and is often difficult to transport. However, Antigua Black pineapples have also found their way to Florida.
It's pretty unlikely that you'll ever find Antigua Black pineapples for sale in the grocery store, but if you're ever in Antigua, don't forget to try these sweet pineapples.