Roll of Opened Aluminium Foil Directly Above View on Yellow Colored Background.
The Aluminum Foil Trick To Keep Food Warm On The Go
By Angel Albring
Keeping your food warm while you are on the go can be quite a challenge, but it isn't impossible. There are easy ways to ensure your hot food stays warm as you get it from point A to point B, and aluminum foil can do the trick.
Hunting Waterfalls says that if you immediately wrap your food in aluminum foil and then wrap a few towels around it, you can keep your food warm. The idea is to keep heat as close to the food as possible, and using aluminum foil essentially traps the heat and steam, then the towels add an extra layer of insulation to protect the food.
Aluminum foil works better than a plastic container, which can actually break down in too much heat and not trap the heat well. If you use the aluminum foil and towel warming method, you should place your food in a glass or ceramic container and place the shiny side of the foil toward the food with the dull side facing up.