Melting globe ice cream in a cone held by a hand.
The Aluminum Foil Hack For Mess-Free Ice Cream Experiences
By Chase Shustack
Anyone who's ever enjoyed an ice cream cone before can tell you that if you don’t eat it quickly enough, you risk getting covered in melting ice cream. There are many suggestions on how to keep your ice cream from melting in your hand, but perhaps it would be more useful to prevent it from making a mess even when it does melt.
This trick simply requires you to wrap a piece of tin foil around the base of an ice cream cone before serving it. The foil will "catch" any wayward drips of ice cream, similar to using a napkin or a paper towel for the same purpose, but foil won’t get stuck to the cone as paper-based products will.
In addition to keeping your hands clean, aluminum foil can also help create a delicious treat called a campfire cone. Simply stuff an ice cream cone with s'mores toppings, wrap it in aluminum foil, leaving a pocket of air before the top of the cone, and place the foil-wrapped cones in the oven for five minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.