FD/LATKE  Washington Post Studio  DATE:  December 10, 2008  PHOTO:  Julia Ewan/TWP  CAPTION:  Bonnie Benwick's latke made with parsnips.  StaffPhoto imported to Merlin on  Thu Dec 11 15:52:01 2008
The Air Fryer Is Your Secret Weapon For Grease-Free Latkes
By Crystal Antonace
According to Kosher Cooking, latkes are traditionally made with onion, eggs, flour, and shredded Yukon gold potatoes, fried in a fair amount of oil, and cooked over the stove. However, if potatoes fried in mass amounts of oil don't excite your taste buds, your trusted air fryer may be the appliance you need to make delicious latkes without all the added grease.
Air-fried latkes only require a spray of oil instead of an entire pan full for deep-frying, and they still turn out with a crispy exterior and soft and creamy insides. Latkes are a popular dish during Hanukkah, and for many Jewish people, the holiday is symbolized by the small amount of oil that surprisingly burned for eight days and nights in the Jewish temple lantern during an attack from a Hellenist army in 165 B.C.E.
In celebration of the Jewish faith, people typically eat fried foods, but Jewish Living editor Liz Schoenfein provides a different perspective, stating that while the miracle of the oil should be commemorated, it doesn't necessarily need to equal deep-frying. Whether you're enjoying your latkes via air fryer or deep fried, it all comes down to intention and what your heart desires.