Baked potatoes stuffed with cheese and spinach.
The Additional Step You Should Take For The Most Flavorful Baked Potato
By Ciara McLaren
The next time you make baked potatoes, rub a gritty mixture of salt and water on your potatoes before baking them for cleaner, crisper, tastier skin.
When finished, remove the excess with a paper towel until the skin is clean and dry. The friction of the salt scrub dislodges stubborn debris a quick rinse might miss.
A salt scrub also improves potato skins' texture by tenderizing it. Sodium makes pectins dissolve more easily, which can result in softer veggies.
Salt also physically removes a thin outer layer of potato skin, creating a softer exterior. The scrub can leave behind a thin layer of seasoning, adding a little extra flavor.