Wood Spoon with Tomato Sauce
The Absolute Best Way To Store Tomato Paste
By Crystal Antonace
Tomato paste stands out from other tomato products with its thick texture and sweeter taste, earning its role as a reliable pantry staple for its ability to liven the flavor and consistency of many dishes. However, we’re not always able to use its full amount when cooking, and here are some great ways to preserve and reuse your tomato paste.
An opened can of tomato paste only has a shelf life of five to seven days (glass jars last up to 10), but according to the "Rachael Ray Show," the paste can best be kept fresh if stored in the fridge or freezer in individual plastic bags. You can use your extra paste to make cocktail sauce or a hearty marinade for your favorite cut of meat.
If your paste comes in a glass jar, screw the lid back on and refrigerate, or if it is in a tube, squeeze any extra air out before resealing. For those looking for the best deal, tubed paste will save you more money in the long run, as it has a longer shelf life, easy-to-store packaging, and can last over a month in your refrigerator when appropriately sealed.