Photo taken in Russia, United States
The Absolute Best Way To Store Raspberries
By Camryn Teder
Raspberries are beloved for their sweet-tart taste and beautiful red color, but they're also notoriously delicate fruit and prone to bruising and spoilage. To make raspberries last as long as possible, start by buying the freshest box you can find, inspecting the bottom of packages for firm, vibrant berries with no leaks or smushing.
The best raspberry storage method for the ultimate longevity is to freeze them. You can do this by washing the berries, then spreading them out in one layer on a cookie sheet and putting it in the freezer; then, transfer the individually-frozen berries to a tightly-sealed bag and keep them in the freezer for up to a year.
To store fresh raspberries, wash them in vinegar and water solution, making sure to pick out any bad berries in the process. After a few seconds of soaking in the mixture, dry the berries before storing them in a breathable container near the front of the fridge, with a paper towel at the bottom to soak up any excess moisture.