Slices of Cheddar Cheese on a wooden cutting board. black background. Top view.
The Absolute Best Fancy Cheddar Bargain You'll Find At The Grocery Store
By Alli Neal
Cabot Creamery, found in any New England grocery shop, is an unbeatable name in cheddar, and while they offer a wide range of cheeses, one pick stands out above the others.
The Cabot Private Stock Cheddar is a sharp, tangy, and creamy addition to any cheese platter, and comes at an excellent price.
In 2019, the Cabot Private Stock Cheddar shared first place alongside cheddar from Wisconsin’s Deer Creek in their age bracket for cheddars with the American Cheese Society.
Wisconsin’s Deer Creek cheddar retails for $33 per pound, but Private Stock Cheddar surprisingly only sells at around $8.39 per one-pound deli bar.
Cabot's Private Stock is a perfect combination of lower cost and higher quality, and can be utilized in much more ways than as a spot on a fancy cheese board.
Not only can you make a tasty cheese ball, but you can also shred two cups of it into broccoli cheddar soup or melt it into a cheddar grilled cheese sandwich.