Pieces of bread with tuna on top
The Absolute Best Bread For Canned Fish Toast, According To Chefs
By Chase Shustack
Canned fish toast is simple and cheap when you want something to eat that's filling. You can add different types of fish like mackerel, sardines, or salmon, but some believe that you should also explore different types of bread for this fish-based food.
"Canned fish is incredibly underrated and underestimated," Paul Donnelly told Food & Wine. The executive chef of Chinese Tuxedo in New York City elaborated that one of his "favorite things to eat on God's green Earth" is Ortiz-brand anchovies smothered on top of "heavily buttered, toasted sourdough."
Sourdough has a tangy taste thanks to its unique incorporation of fermented yeast, which makes for an interesting combination with zingy, highly aromatic canned fish. It also has a crustier texture than other loaves, which helps it stand up to toppings, and Insider hails it as being a "healthier" alternative to white bread due to its digestion-assisting properties and high lactic acid content.