"Miami, USA - September 09, 2012: 7up Diet and caffeine free soda 12 FL OZ can. 7up brand is owned by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group."
The 7UP Failure You Probably Forgot About
By Kimberley Laws
Considering 7UP has been around for nearly a century, it can be safely assumed that the brand has been successful. However, almost every brand has a dark chapter, and one particular product that 7UP produced was a massive failure.
The companies that owned 7UP and Dr. Pepper merged in 1986, and the new conglomerate wanted to use a previously abandoned recipe developed at Dr. Pepper. This led to 7UP Gold releasing in 1988, and the drink was dark in color, caffeinated, and marketed as a "spice-flavored soda."
In 1989, the company's then-president, Roger Easley, stated that "People have a clear view of what 7UP products should be — clear and crisp and clean, and no caffeine.” Since the new soda didn’t fit those parameters, Gold disappeared off shelves less than a year after its debut.