Entrance of a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.
The 5 Decorations You'll See In Every Single Existing Cracker Barrel
By Meaghan Cameron
While Cracker Barrel decorations can differ depending on the location, every restaurant has some version of a horseshoe, an ox yoke, a traffic light, a deer head, and a stove.
According to the Cracker Barrel website, these items are also in similar locations in each restaurant and are meant to convey a special message to the guests.
The traffic light lights the way to the bathroom, and the horseshoe, which is hung on every door leading outside, is believed to bring luck to all those who enter.
The ox yoke, cookstove, and deer head are all common items found in Southern homes, adding a touch of authenticity to the restaurant's atmosphere.
The goal is to make customers feel at home at whichever of the 660 Cracker Barrels they visit across the country.
Cracker Barrel has no problem outfitting each location with these special symbols due to its extensive decor warehouse located in Lebanon, Tennessee.
This ever-evolving location contains over 90,000 artifacts, including multiple versions of yokes, deer heads, stoves, traffic lights, and horseshoes.