Fish dish plate on dark background
The 2 Worst Days Of The Week To Order Fish From
A Restaurant
By Stacie Adams
Flavor plays a big part when it comes to cooking fish, and a fresh catch goes a long way to enhancing a fish's flavor and allowing its many inherent qualities to stand out. When it comes to peak freshness when dining out, restaurant patrons should try to only order fish from menus on certain days.
Fresh fish typically have a short shelf life, and a decrease in quality can occur in about two days. Restaurant workers caution against ordering fish on Sunday and Monday, because the two regular deliveries restaurants receive usually occur mid-week.
This means that the best chance you have of scoring a fresh catch is anytime between Tuesday and Friday. This sentiment is mirrored by the late world-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, who famously stated decades ago that Tuesdays and Thursdays were the best time to order fish dishes in New York City based on fish market schedules.