A closeup of a burger.
The 2 Ingredients That Will Help Make The Juiciest Burger Ever
By Ashlyn Frassinelli
Meat can dry out rapidly when faced with the intense heat of a grill, which is why keeping your burger patty mix hydrated with moisture and fat makes all the difference.
Two ingredients that can get that job done with ease are olive oil and Worcestershire sauce, a pair of pantry staples that deliver both flavor and hydration.
Adding a drizzle of olive oil coats the meat and provides an extra helping of lipids, helping conserve moisture and impart extra flavor.
A tablespoon of oil per pound of ground beef is all you need to grease your patties with flavor and keep them tender even after getting flame-kissed on the grill.
Worcestershire sauce introduces a dash of hydration and a hefty helping of umami flavor, imparting a double punch of savoriness and tender texture.
As with olive oil, just a tablespoon per pound of meat is needed for an effective seasoning that will create the juiciest burgers you've ever bitten into.