New York style pizza slice
The 2 Ingredients That Set New York Pizza Dough Apart
By Chase Shustack
New York-style pizza is best described as being round, entirely covered with cheese, and having a crispy yet chewy thin crust. While this style of pizza shares the same ingredients of dough, sauce, and cheese with all other styles, New York pizza tends to use two additional ingredients that set it apart from the rest.
New York-style pizza has two extra ingredients that help give its classic texture, taste, and “foldability”: oil and sugar. Oil in the dough keeps too much gluten from developing to provide its light and airy crust, while the caramelization of the sugar within the dough helps to give the crust an even, golden-brown color without giving it too much of a sugary taste.
Additionally, New York pizza tends to specifically use low-moisture mozzarella, which gives the cheese its signature stringiness. It’s used over fresh mozzarella because the fresh stuff can’t handle the heat of the oven, not to mention that low-moisture mozzarella shreds more easily and is just overall easier to handle.