Fresh ingredients from the Sabaris Farmer's market, in Spain in early Winter. Butternut, red cabbage, kale, sprouted broccoli, carrots, mandarins, lemons and fresh bread all made their way home from the chily outdoor market.
The 2 Best Days Of The Week To Shop At The
Fresh Market
By Stacie Adams
From its strong produce selection and hand-cut deli meats to its friendly staff, The Fresh Market was named the best supermarket brand by USA Today in 2022. A trip to The Fresh Market can be made even better with a little planning and forethought, especially when deciding which day of the week to go.
Many Fresh Market locations feature deals on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but it’s best to use the store locator to determine whether your nearest location participates in these weekly schedules. You can take advantage of these weekly deals to save a little green on your groceries, especially if you sign up for their rewards program.
As explained by the Fresh Market’s online FAQ page, an Ultimate Loyalty Experience membership features special pricing and other rewards made available through Club Hub. Membership is free and gives you access to coupons and the ability to accumulate points.