Golden Gate Bridge seen from Marshall beach.
The 14 Places You Need To Eat At In San Francisco In 2023
By Jacob Smith
1. Anchor Oyster Bar
San Francisco’s most famous seafood dish is cioppino, a tomato, wine, and crab-based stew. Anchor Oyster Bar is renowned for having the best cioppino in the city.
Besides its delectable cioppino, Anchor Oyster Bar also boasts other excellent examples of San Francisco's marine bounty, including fresh oysters and a Dungeness crab "burger."
2. Mister Jiu’s
Mister Jiu’s, located in San Francisco’s Chinatown, is a Michelin-starred restaurant serving food best described as traditional Cantonese cooking meets Californian produce.
Owner and chef Brandon Jew explained that Mister Jiu’s ultimate goal is to: “figure out where we mix the Bay Area and American culture into the Chinese aesthetic and tradition.”
3. Good Luck Dim Sum
According to two-time James Beard award winner and dumpling extraordinaire Kristiana Cho, the dumplings at Good Luck Dim Sum are the best she’s ever tasted.
Unlike several other dim sum restaurants in the city, Good Luck Dim Sum is incredibly affordable. Great food at such low prices makes this place an affordable luxury.
4. Besharam
Chef Heena Patel, who owns Besharam with her husband, has received high praise for her impressive ability to balance powerful chilis with other ingredients.
Patel said her goal is to “honor the taste and flavors that don't receive attention from Americans, to show my community just how tasty real Indian/Gujarati food is.”
5. Arsicault Bakery
San Francisco’s Arsicault Bakery was named Bakery of the Year by Bon Appétit in 2016. This was thanks to their iconic croissant, which is a feat of culinary engineering.
Arsicault opened a second branch in 2020 on McAllister Street, which boasts a diverse menu of classics like galettes, quiches, sandwiches, and even palmiers.