A green basket of assorted groceries against a white background
The $1-Per-Pound Rule To Help You Decide What Groceries Are Worth It
By Missy Boylan
Lately, many Americans have been suffering from price increases due to inflation, and grocery bills tend to be a major pain point. In order to navigate these steep prices and save some money, many people are looking for places to cut back on their food spending, and we recommend trying out the $1-per-pound rule.
Made famous by savings expert and author Jeff Yeager, the $1-per-pound rule involves only buying food that costs $1 or less per pound, and this can apply to most foods, including produce, meat, grains, and dairy. While following this rule may require you to sacrifice some of your usual items, it can make a big difference in your overall grocery bill.
Food items that typically cost $1 or less per pound include bananas, onions, carrots, potatoes, oatmeal, rice, and canned beans. If prices for these items still feel steep where you live, consider buying store brand items, or consider shopping at stores known for low prices (like Lidl and Aldi) or stores with bulk discounts (like Costco or Sam’s Club).