Almond milk with copy space
Tell-Tale Signs That Your Almond Milk Has Gone Bad
By Kaliga Rice
Plant-based milk alternatives are seeing a boom in popularity, with almond milk being the most popular. Almond milk typically expires seven to 10 days after refrigeration, and because the FDA reports that the "Best if Used By" date is a recommendation instead of an absolute date regarding the food's safety, it can be confusing to know when to toss it.
One key way to determine if almond milk has expired is the presence of lumps or curdling — it's normal for almond milk to look a bit weird, especially if it's homemade, but if you see lumps or a strange texture after shaking, it has likely expired. Additionally, if you notice that your almond milk has a sour smell or taste, it's definitely time to throw it out.
Though almond milk eventually expires, to lengthen its life, it's best to place almond milk at or near the back of your refrigerator, as this is where it's the coldest. You should also be aware of changing temperatures in the refrigerator door and refrain from storing your milk in this area.