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Teem: Pepsi's First Failure In The World Of Lemon Lime Sodas
By Chase Shustack
From its inception, it didn't take long for Pepsi to realize that it would have to cater to the citrus-loving 7 Up crowd if it was to corner the market more efficiently. As one of the 10 most popular sodas in the United States as of 2021, 7 Up is still a prevalent drink, but in 1960, Pepsi's lemon-lime soda hit the shelves to try and compete with the popular brand.
Teem Soda was released in 1960, although free samples were reportedly given out in supermarkets nationwide a year before the official release. Packaging materials, the bottles, and even the trucks themselves were painted a bright green and yellow, indicating that Teem Soda contained nothing more than pure, refreshing lemon and lime flavors.
Pepsi's research and work on Teem were paying off, as, throughout the '60s and '70s, the soda was surprisingly popular among the populace. However, Teem Soda began to dwindle in sales around the '80s and was phased out in 1984, replaced with "Slice" soda in 1986, followed by the more commonly-known Sierra Mist soda sometime in the '90s.