Omelette with Sausage. Italy. (Photo by: Eddy Buttarelli/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Take Your Next Fried Egg Up A Notch By Adding Sesame Seeds
By Mikala Lugen
You might have your fried egg method down by now, as a sprinkle of salt and pepper usually works just fine, but you might be missing out on some big flavors that complement your fried egg. A simple way to elevate your fried egg is to add some sesame seeds.
Start by heating some oil or butter, sprinkle a flattened layer of sesame seeds in your pan, and crack your egg over the seeds. Next, put more seeds on top, flip it again, and you’ll have a delicious crunchy fried egg.
While you may think fried eggs are just for breakfast, Jamie Oliver pairs a similar sesame seed fried egg with fresh chilies and hoisin sauce to elevate it to a more Asian-inspired cuisine, fit for any meal of the day. It can also quickly become your next favorite item to add some crunch to your ramen and pho or become your go-topping for stir-fries.