The Trendy Crispy Fried Birria Tacos
Tacos Dorados Are The Perfect Way To Spice Up Your Next Taco Night
By Heidi Chaya
From traditional recipes to intriguing fusion creations, tacos have evolved into countless forms, including soft, hard, and fried tacos. In Mexico and on authentic stateside menus, you'll see slow-cooked meat and melty, stringy Oaxacan cheese in golden-brown fried shells dipped in a rich consommé that are the delicious tacos dorados.
Tacos dorados are crisp, pan-fried corn tortillas filled with ground beef and cheese, which can be rolled or served with sauce or consommé, decked out with cilantro, chopped onion, and lime wedges. They can also be filled with vegetables, potatoes, beans, and other types of meat (like chicken and goat) and garnished to your liking.
Tacos dorados begin with browning protein with aromatics, spices, and tomato paste to build foundational filling flavors, but the remaining steps can vary depending on the recipe. You'll know you've achieved tacos dorados perfection when your initial bite cracks open the crispy exterior, sending rivulets of grease toward your elbows.