whipped meringue on a whisk
Swiss Meringue Vs. French Meringue Vs. Italian Meringue: What Is The Difference?
By Nick Johnson
There are a number of uses for meringue, but it’s most commonly used to top lemon meringue pie. When you whip up egg whites, the air you introduce transforms them into a voluminous foam. By adding sugar, you sweeten and stabilize the foam.
Meringue comes in three different varieties: Swiss, French, and Italian. French meringue is the easiest to prepare and has the lightest texture, but it is the least stable of the three varieties.
The Swiss and Italian recipes both require a heat source, but the fprmer is the easier of the two to pull off. Food stylist Caitlin Haugh Brown, insists that Swiss meringue is the perfect middle ground, as it's, "more stable than French, less fussy than Italian."