Whole and slices raw sweet potatoes on a wooden kitchen board.
Sweet Potato Is The Leading Ingredient For Decadent Vegan Brownies
By Corin MJ Bae
It takes more than one ingredient substitution to make a delicious vegan brownie, but you'll find that a simple addition of mashed sweet potatoes will make it the star ingredient.
Mashed sweet potatoes in brownies will be the main substitute for eggs, bringing a natural sweetness and moistness that helps nail a decadently fudgy texture.
Sweet potato's earthy flavors complement the decadence of chocolate, and it's also a starchy and thick binding agent that brings all the ingredients together.
Sweet potatoes also bring many nutritional benefits like fiber, vitamins, minerals, and natural antioxidants like beta-carotene and chlorogenic acid.
On top of reducing oxidative damage and lowering cancer risk, the abundance of beta carotene in orange sweet potatoes is converted into vitamin A inside your body.
Using sweet potatoes to make vegan brownies doesn't just make them decadently fudgy — you'll be getting a much more nutritious and healthier treat.