A brown bag filled with apples and potatoes
Storing Apples With Potatoes May Not Be The Hack You Think It Is
By Stacie Adams
Potato "eyes," also known as sprouts, are little stems that emerge on potatoes when kept in a warm, wet condition, mimicking the ideal growing environment for potatoes. Proper storage is your best hope to stop them from ever growing, but there are differing views on whether storing apples and potatoes together is the best option.
Storing your potatoes with apples can prevent sprouts, while also extending the shelf life because of the ethylene gas that apples generate. According to a study featured in the Journal of Food Science and Technology, ethylene reduces the rate of carbohydrate metabolism and increases spuds' respiration rate for prolonged freshness.
However, storing any ethylene-susceptible produce, like bananas, tomatoes, and melons, with apples can cause them to ripen too quickly and spoil, which is why the potato freshness apple hack is hotly debated. The best way to keep potatoes fresher for longer is to store them between 43 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which could extend the shelf life by up to four times.