A Starbucks coffee shop sign.
Starbucks' Extra Virgin Olive Oil Drink Isn't Getting The Warmest Reception
By Stacie Adams
There are all kinds of coffee trends that have sparked controversy, including Bulletproof coffee, which added butter and medium-chain triglyceride oil to the caffeinated beverage. While Bulletproof coffee doesn't have the same cache it used to, a recent announcement from Starbucks touting a similar preparation is causing an equally impassioned reaction.
A recent post on Starbucks' Instagram page shared news of its latest coffee concoction, a new Oleato drink that features coffee plus extra virgin olive oil, much to the chagrin of the chain's followers. The post received many comments, including one person who stated, "I'm sure there is some magical benefit here, but it just does NOT sound appealing to me at all."
Those excited about the new Oleato beverage will have a bit of a wait, as the drink will only be available in Southern California after debuting in Italy. The chain's globetrotting former CEO, Howard Schultz, is to thank for this new addition, as he was inspired by the Mediterranean region’s habit of eating one spoonful of olive oil every day.