Starbucks in London, England, with people visible
Starbucks Baristas Aren't Allowed
To Batch Drinks, Despite Those
Big Blenders
By Kalea Martin
Most food establishments have their own set of rules that employees must follow, but at Starbucks, these rules get pretty specific. One such rule is that Starbucks baristas aren’t allowed to blend drinks in batches, despite those big blenders, even if multiple people ordered the same drink or if there's a long line of customers waiting.
Starbucks trains its baristas to use only one blender per drink, but when it’s busy, they can make two drinks at a time as long as they are in separate blenders and the second drink is started when the first is about to finish. When the store is busy, however, many Starbucks baristas claim managers have to let it slide so customers can get their drinks faster.
2010 is around the time that Starbucks put an end to batch blending drinks, a practice that had been standard until then. This was due to customer complaints that the beverages didn’t seem hand-crafted enough, and to fix it, Starbucks decided it would require its baristas to make each drink individually instead of in bigger batches.