Spaghetti Icecream isolated on white. Spaghettieis  in plastic cup
Spaghettieis: The Sweet Dish That Looks Like A Savory Meal
By Nick Johnson
Countless food innovators have created sweet treats that bear a striking resemblance to savory meals, such as brightly colored gummy hamburgers. In a similar vein, spaghettieis is an ice cream dish that is designed to look like a heaping plate of pasta.
Spaghettieis, as the name suggests, is gelato that looks exactly like spaghetti. The vanilla gelato is made to look like noodles by being pushed through a spätzle press, a type of pasta extruder intended for use in the making of egg noodles, and savory tomato sauce is replaced with sweet strawberry jam.
Spaghettieis was created by German confectioner Dario Fontanella in 1969 and has become a staple sweet treat in Germany. You may be surprised that a German man is behind the Italian-American ice cream treat, but Fontanella's father had emigrated from his native Italy in the '30s, so he made spaghettieis to honor his ancestral homeland.