Glowing Jack O Lantern Halloween pumpkin decorations at dusk outside on a suburban street pavement. 3D illustration.
Soul Cakes: America's Most Mysterious Halloween Tradition
By Jennifer Amos
Halloween began as the Celtic holiday Samhain, but Christians changed the name and meaning of the holiday, eventually leading to the 31st of October becoming All Hallows' Eve. An old tradition for the holiday involved a strange treat called a soul cake that may have been created for sinister reasons.
Soul cakes might've been enjoyed during bonfires or even used as a lottery where the person who selected the burnt soul cake would be sacrificed to guarantee a successful harvest. However, they were later given to beggars and those who dressed up in costumes to celebrate the holiday instead.
Another peculiar thing about soul cakes is that there isn't one specific recipe to follow — the most basic recipe for soul cakes uses only butter, sugar, and flour, but other varieties include adding eggs, spices, milk, and many other ingredients. Whichever recipe you choose, soul cakes can be a decadent treat for Halloween.