Cheese feta with rosemary, herbs, olives and olive oil on wooden cutting board on old wooden background. Traditional Greek homemade cheese. Selective focus.
Should You Put Feta In Chocolate Cookies?
By Kalea Martin
Sea salt and even potato chips can work well with chocolate in some cookies, and TikTok creator Carolina Gelen claims that feta cheese is also a delicious addition.
In her TikTok, Gelen makes cookie dough using melted dark chocolate, and brown butter, swapping chocolate chips for crumbled feta cheese to create a salty and sweet flavor.
While Gelen was right about the flavor, it doesn't work quite as well as other salt and chocolate combos, due to the fact that feta's taste and texture changes when it's baked.
Instead of staying salty and sharp, baking brings out feta's sweet and citrusy notes, not to mention that it acquires an almost gritty texture when it melts.
Therefore, the feta flavor gets easily overpowered by the strong dark chocolate. Unfortunately, feta doesn't give any contrasting textures and flavors like a cookie mix-in should.