Fresh green homegrown kiwi from the orchard. Seasonal, summer, autumn harvesting, hobby concept.
Should You Eat The Skin Of Kiwi?
By Kimberley Laws
Named after a flightless bird with similar qualities, the kiwi is a tiny, fuzzy fruit of a non-distinct color. Many people would never consider eating the fuzzy skin of the fruit, but you may be curious as to whether it is even safe or beneficial to do so.
While it may not look appetizing, the kiwi's outer rind is completely edible, and Spoon University states that it boasts "more vitamin C and three times more fiber" than the actual insides. It also offers a healthy dose of folate and vitamin E, so it has numerous health benefits if eaten.
If you plan on eating kiwi skin, try to purchase an organic variety to avoid chemicals and wash it well under cold water. You can bite directly into an unpeeled kiwi if you’re feeling brave, but you can also throw the whole thing into a blender and make a smoothie.