An overhead view of a pizza baked on a ceramic pizza stone isolated on white. Also includes the stone on its own with no pizza on top. File contains no gradients or transparencies. Shapes are grouped and layered.
Should You Buy A Pizza Stone Or Pizza Steel?
By Chase Shustack
When it comes to making pizza, there are countless ways to improve your pie, whether it's the toppings, the cheese, or the crust itself. No matter what sort of crust you like, chewy or crispy, thick or thin, you almost always find that you get suggestions to use a pizza stone or a pizza steel to help you get the very best crust out of any kind of dough.
Food Network describes a pizza stone as a flat place of unglazed clay, usually round in shape, which absorbs the oven’s heat and ensures the pizza is thoroughly and quickly cooked. Just be sure to remember to allow the pizza stone to preheat in the oven since a cold pizza stone that is suddenly exposed to high heat can crack or even break.
A pizza steel is a thin plate made of conductive steel that can absorb more heat and cook a pizza a lot faster than a pizza stone. Another benefit pizza steels have over pizza stones is that they are resistant to cracking and can double as a griddle for your stovetop; however, they are also more expensive than a pizza stone.