Stock photo showing close-up, elevated view of a rich tomato sauce in a large frying pan being stirred with a wooden spatula as it reduces.  This savoury sauce has had green basil leaf herbs added to it.
Should You Be Using Marinara Sauce For Pizza?
By Emily Hopkins
Pizza is a food that is loved all around the world and can be enjoyed with a variety of sauces like marinara, BBQ, alfredo, and pesto. While standard pizza sauce and marinara might appear similar, there are a few differences to consider when you want to use marinara sauce on pizza.
Marinara sauce is prepared with basic ingredients like garlic, a spice of your choice, and classic Italian herbs. On the other hand, pizza sauce is predominantly tomato puree seasoned with some salt and herbs of your choice.
The next big difference is the consistency, as the cooking process determines how thick the sauce turns out. Marinara sauce is left to cook for a while, while pizza sauce is either raw or slightly cooked and doesn’t need to be too thick to spread on dough before cooking.
Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, because you can use marinara sauce on your pizza if you like. Also, you can turn marinara sauce into pizza sauce by adding extra tomato sauce or tomato juice to improve the consistency, and you can turn pizza sauce into marinara by adding spices and letting it simmer for longer.