Outside of a Costco Wholesale location, with shopping carts displayed
Shoppers Are Thrilled About Costco's Brand New Peanut Butter Pie
By Arianna Endicott
When you're in need of enough desserts to feed a large crowd, the Costco bakery is the best place to go for its delicious and affordable treats. Costco has a brand new addition to its bakery selection that people on Instagram are very excited about — a peanut butter chocolate cream pie.
Instagram user @costcohotfinds explained that the pie starts with a "buttery" graham cracker crust base and is filled with a sweet peanut butter filling, then topped with a fluffy chocolate mousse. The pie weighs a whopping 4.75 pounds, and the account called it "dangerously delicious."
Commenters on the @costcohotfind Instagram video were quick to crave the sweet pie, with @lillybean_z saying, "You needed to keep this one a secret," while @lisavallefuoco_bayley said the pie was "basically a Reese's." Each pie is baked in-store and costs $19.99, and although some comments said the pie is not available nationwide, shoppers could see them hitting shelves in the near future.