Scrambled Egg in steel pan
Scramble Your Eggs Last Minute For The Fluffiest Results
By Crystal Antonace
Waiting to scramble eggs until they begin to set in a hot skillet might be the way to go, according to Caroline Fidanza, the chef and co-owner of Saltie in Brooklyn, New York.
Fidanza explains this technique to Epicurious, detailing how you first melt butter in a skillet, allow the fat to bubble slightly, and wait for the pan to become hot.
Then, crack eggs directly into the pan, add a little salt, and leave them alone until the egg whites begin to turn cloudy and partially set.
From here, leave the eggs undisturbed for another minute or two, remove the pan from heat, and quickly break the yolks with your spatula.
Finally, swirl the runny yellow insides into the scrambled whites. This leaves your eggs perfectly soft and you don't have to worry about overcooking those tender yolks.