shopping list and a pen on white background
Save Precious Time At The Store With A Reverse Grocery List
By Chase Shustack
Grocery lists are centered around organization, and whichever format you choose, they are a great way to help you remember what you need from the store. However, writing a reverse shopping list can tell you exactly what you need to replace while functioning as an inventory list of everything you have in your pantry or fridge.
To make a reverse shopping list, start by making a master list of everything in your cabinets, then throughout the week, put a note or checkmark next to an item you've run out of, signaling that you will need to get it next time. When you get the item on your next grocery run, remove the checkmark since the item is back in stock in your pantry.
With a reverse grocery list, you'll always know what's in your pantry or fridge at any given time and ensure you don't have any clutter with extra, unnecessary items. However, this system won't be as effective for items you pick up more frequently, such as milk or bread, and is better for larger orders for things you use sparingly, like seasonings, condiments, or baking ingredients.